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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, we do fundraising!!

We offer a lot of options!!!!

1. Your choice of jar

2. Your choice of scents (most groups stick to 15 to 20)

3. Free custom label to promote your group/ activity/ organization. (your group must approve design)

4. Free reign on how long you want to run your fundraiser, (most run 3 to 4 weeks), but there is no penalty on extending it!

5. Free delivery within 50 miles from the center of Blair County!

6. Your function gets 33% of the total sales goes to your organization, (If the fundraiser is to help with unique situations (i.e. Cancer related expenses, or house fires where everything is lost (Red Cross is involved), or another type of disaster situation, we give 40% of total sales).

7. We offer total customization on fundraisers. If you wish to use a different jar and lid, Great! As long as the container is 'Candle-friendly' and it can be ordered in bulk!

8. We also extend an offer to anyone who buys a candle from your organization, if they bring back their empty jar, we offer our 'refill' program to them! Which gives a $2 discount on the refill! (it's our way of saying thanks!!!!!!)

That's about it!

We keep it simple!

Any questions,


814 591 3497

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